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Best Statamic CMS Web Developer

There is a brand new Content Management System (CMS) that is known as Statamic. It uses innovative techniques to deliver quicker, easier, and more efficient web development capabilities. You can hire the professional best statamic developer from itech! More companies are adopting this CMS to develop their websites because it enables the construction of highly responsive web pages. Here is how to hire an excellent statamic developer!

Top 5 Statamic Web Developers

John F.

John F. is a professional Statamic developer. He has completed 7 jobs successfully and earned a 4-star rating. John is proficient in using the Statamic CMS and programming in languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. In addition to Statamic, he can also manipulate the Craft CMS to build your website. For his services, John F. charges a fee of $60 per hour.

Naim Hossian

You may be wonder to saw this person on this list. Because he is a multi-talented guy. With 7 years of professional experience and 5000+ hours of coding made him an expert coder. He has depth knowledge to working with core PHP, laravel, statamic v2, v3 and more. If you visit his upwork and fiverr profile you will see lots of positive feedback. So if you are looking for a complete pack of developers then choose naim. Here is his personal fiverr and upwork and website url.

Fiverr – Upwork – Website 

Adam O.

After completing 10 jobs successfully, Adam O. has earned a 5-star rating. He is a highly capable Statamic developer with programming skills in HTML5 and CSS. Adam O. can also interact with Adobe InDesign and WordPress to construct a dynamic website at the cost of $50 per hour.

Marja U.

For $30 per hour, Marja U. can build and administer your website using Statamic CMS. She is also capable of interfacing this CMS with Laravel to enhance the user experience. Marja U. can program using, Node.js, Data tables, and HubSpot. Having completed 1 job, Marja U. achieved a 5-star rating.

Kelsey M.

Kelsey M. can develop your website using the Statamic CMS and code in various programming languages. Some examples of these include PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. She can also interact with the ExpressionEngine and WordPress CMS for website development. Kelsey M. charges $55 per hour.

How to Select a Statamic Web Developer

Choose a developer that is conversant with the latest version of Statamic

Technology advances very rapidly, and Statamic adopts this trend as well. Statamic Version 3.0 is the newest iteration of this Content Management System (CMS). Select a web developer that can apply the new version into a Laravel application and construct a beautiful website that is easy to maintain. Make sure that the developer understands how to adjust Statamic open source code to create the best results for you. Select a developer that can scale this CMS to fit the needs of your growing business. They should be able to transition from flat files to Cloud storage or databases to hold any additional information generated in your enterprise.

Select a Statamic developer that understands the business relevance of your website

A professional Statamic developer understands that your business website is a window into the World Wide Web for online shoppers to observe. As a result, the developer should desire to know your enterprise, target audience and marketing goals. By understanding these aspects of your enterprise, they’ll be able to translate them into the appearance and function of your website. They should take the time to learn your business processes and use Statamic to express them digitally. Furthermore, they should follow the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) when handling the planning phase of your website. In doing so, they can involve you in every step of the project until the final, successful result.

The developer should have a firm understanding of Internet brand awareness promotion.

It is not enough to have a business website; you should promote it as much as possible. Your Statamic developer should grasp this firmly and take steps to promote your website online. They should apply strategies such as content marketing, leveraging social media, creating quality backlinks, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In doing so, they’ll ensure that your website is visible in the most dynamic and populated parts of the Internet. Doing so increases your chances of attracting clients and boosting revenue. As such, the Statamic developer should see your website as an essential enterprise asset.

Their charges should fit into your budget.

You need to have a budget that encompasses the cost of paying your Statamic developer of choice. Request an estimate from every potential developer as you begin the project. For this type of Information Technology (IT) expert, expect to pay between $20 and $100 per hour depending on their skill as well as experience. With this pay scale, a top-quality Statamic website will cost you a total of $2,500 to $5,000 for the whole project. Note that additional functionalities such as a shopping cart, encrypted portal, blog, autoresponder, live chat feature, active SEO, email form and customized graphic design will increase the overall cost.

Pick a Statamic developer whose portfolio is attractive to you.

Before hiring a developer for your website, have a look at their past work. Browse through their portfolio and analyze if their skillset fits into your immediate needs. If possible, get in contact with their support staff and past clients. In these conversations, assess their opinions regarding the developer’s operating process and communication skills. Also, select a Statamic developer who has good time management skills so that your website can be completed on time.

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