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Grow your Grocery Business with Azzoa Grocery – CaseStudy

Azzoa Grocery-Android Ecommerce App Template | CaseStudy

Azzoa Grocery

Our Business Goals:

To consume the time of excellent shopping experience we have built the Azzoa Grocery Template. As a small business holder or a grocery shopper, you can create an organized business application by using our grocery template. At the starting of your business, you may not have an online application or website. So to build a strong presence in the online world & to spread the business tactics to your customers Azzoa Grocery Template is the best option. 

This template will help your customers to have a great shopping experience with a flexible payment method & other smooth features. So the goal of our business is to grow your customer engagement based on the targeted audience with flexible features. You can modify this template according to your customers’ types & demands. 

About Azzoa Grocery

Online grocery shops are the marketplace of saving time & energy. If you don’t have a well-organized website or mobile application, customers will not feel good enough to pass their time here. So the ultimate result is losing traffic or customer engagement. That is why you need to build an attractive grocery eCommerce site. And our grocery template will make this happen within a few moments.  Which will be easy to customize & monitorization. 

And the most important thing is you don’t need to set any terms or system to calculate the grocery amounts or the selected items or others. This template will set this all. Easy to search option, browse various products, easy registration, Real-time order tracking, customize your needs, trending technology, world-class quality & other features. We have built our template based on contemporary UX/UI design. So this will maintain the best industry production. We can assure you that the template will make the application or the website more lively & vibrant.  

Applied Technologies:

  • The technology we have applied – FLUTTER & LARAVEL
  • Source code is based on flutter
  • Backend web AdminPanel- PHP the laravel framework. 

– Version: 1.0.0

– Last update: Not Published yet

– File Included: Full Source code Flutter (Android & iOS) with PHP for web Admin Panel

Project Highlights:

  • Quality Customizable Template
  • Real-time Order
  • Flexible Budget

Quality Customizable Template

Extremely easy to make your own brand or rebranding. Customizable as per your demand. So you are able to launch your own brand application then change the color, theme, icon, logo & others. Azzoa Grocery template is supported with light & dark themes. You can easily modify the payment gateway as COD means cash on delivery or bank transaction or others. 

Real-time Order

By using GPS, customers can track the order receiving alerts. It can be shown on your application screen or can be sent through SMS or email. This feature will ensure your customers about the product’s progress. How long it will take to reach. 

Flexible Budget

We have a concern about your time, money & stress. Within a flexible budget, you can effort this Azzoa Grocery – template. We specially build this template for the business holders who don’t have any organized eCommerce platform. Without a strong organized platform, it is nearly impossible to run a business globally or locally. So this template is specially for those beginners level eCommerce holders.  Within a very low budget, you can buy this template & can organize a customer attractive online grocery shop. 

Customizable features of this Grocery template

  • GEO location, Google Map supported
  • Easy branding
  • Payment integration
  • Configure Mail server
  • Multi-language supported
  • Multi-currency
  • Easy registration & login 
  • Tracking order
  • Custom fields
  • Product Rating
  • Driver management
  • Documentation
  • Earning management
  • Mobile configuration & others. 

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