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CryptWallet – Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro – CaseStudy

Client and Business Goals:

Day by day, the users of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is increasing incredibly. This is a cryptocurrency web wallet to manage your crypto wallet. Our Portugal team has created this Web wallet for Cryptocurrency. To use this digital currency through electronic payment methods, our Web Wallet Pro has launched all required features to manage your BTC Fork & play one’s cards well. This powerful wallet will help you to grow your crypto business.

Our business goal is to send, receive & monitor crypto balance flexibly. Ledgers of the transaction for secure payment history. This program will help you to save or store the rivet or public keys from different blockchains to start a transaction. As a business owner if you want to make a secure transaction or bank deposit or others, then CryptoCurrency Web Wallet Pro is the best web wallet for you. You can control this wallet from the admin or user on both sides. This comprehensive service will help you to get 100% secure dynamic & responsive crypto wallet service.

Product Description:

While the interest of getting bitcoin is rapidly growing but you don’t have proper knowledge about this blockchain. But the fact is, your bitcoin will never say – how can you participate in this program & the way of its transaction method. The most supporting feature you need to know about the Crypto wallet & its features. The stodgy design method of exchange offer & trust establishing. Well organized file code with nice commented customization features. All clear documentation for cod description & structures.

The overall crypto wallet features will be available in this web wallet, including buying coins, bank deposits, credit card, bitcoin deposit, multi referral, withdrawal & others. Buy coins on different currencies with multiple payment methods. You can see the activity logs of your account. You can add a wallet on your own. A Referral system is available, and the sponsor will get a bonus when he purchases a child item by using this wallet.

Applied Technologies:

To build this web wallet we have used – JavaScript JS, CSS, SQL, HTML, PHP,

Software Framework – Laravel

Software Version -, MySQL 5.x, PHP 7.x

Compatible with Browsers – Firefox, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

What will you get with CryptWallet – CryptoCurrency Web Wallet Pro?

  • Crypto Wallet Project files
  • Database
  • Documentation

Available Packages

  • Predis
  • Nice select
  • aloha twilio
  • Braintree
  • yajra
  • jQuery
  • rachidlaasri
  • webdevetc
  • bootstrap 4
  • SlickNav
  • Dropify
  • horizon
  • pragmarx

Project Highlights:

  • Responsive and dynamic Web Application
  • One page dynamic landing template
  • send the coin to both external & internal and address
  • Multiple level Referral Method
  • Withdraw in a secure method by using queue
  • Responsive and dynamic Web Application

Demo URL

Web Version –

Mobile App Version –

Product Buying Link

Web Version –

Android App –

Cryptocurrency Web Wallet Pro is more responsive than other wallets according to your environment, behaviour, screen size, orientation & platform. With the mix flexible grids, layouts, and images can use the intelligence of CSS for media queries. So you can easily access your best affordable device at any time. Automated changing picture resolution will give you a smooth user experience. Waves Protocol, Blockchain, End Web Development will help you to enjoy this responsive & dynamic web application.

One page dynamic landing template

In one page, you can see all messages of different users while the other application has multiple landing pages. To see the better match & raising the chance of a conversion this will help you. So you will find things easily that you are searching for. To improve the quality of the score, optimizing, testing & others this template is more effective.

Send coin to both external & internal and address.

By using our CryptoCurrency Web Wallet Pro, you can send the crypto coin to the internal address or the external address. Before applying for the transaction, bear in mind the rate of different currencies. Though the BTC address has a built-in code, so you can easily send or receive the coin from an external or internal address at a time.

Multiple level Referral Method

Multi-level refer means more earning points opportunity by your transaction. While you are exchanging the cryptocurrency plug & Play module can turn off or on at any time. In this way, you can earn points & use those for other trading commission purposes. Though this application comes with a powerful admin panel, so you can smoothly share the reference link & exchange currency.

Withdraw in a secure method by using queue

In a normal process, we withdraw our BTC by tapping the transfer button then withdraw, select crypto & select the external wallet address. After locating the whitelisted address tap the withdrawal option. Then tap the withdrawal amount & tap withdraw again. This way is not secure for all time. That’s why we have built our crypto network transaction with Queue. It broke the record also. This mempool will hit the all-time high network transaction & worth of fees to set.

If you are interested to know more about this “CryptoCurrency Web Wallet Pro”, then we are willingly waiting to help you out. Contact us for more customization. 

Product structure ( Apps Picture )

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