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Quizest – Quiz Solutions Android App with Admin Panel (Case Study)

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Quizest is a popular application quiz lover. It’s a complete solution to the quiz game lover with learning & earning features availability.  Users can participate in different category quiz, puzzle, or image to earn coins. Android application with a lovely interactive admin panel. Build with native admin panel with laravel framework technology & android studio. 

We are providing our users to learn new things & make fun with improving your knowledge. No level limitation to expand your knowledge & to take the latest challenge. This game application will help you to test your skills. If you are searching for a platform to learn & earn from online then the Quizest application can be the best application for you. 

After participating in this quiz game, if you fail to submit the correct answer in time, the coin amount will be automatically deducted from your coin wallet. If you gain the highest score in this game your score will be shown on the leaderboard. You can skip your running question to avoid coin losing. But if you use the hint then the application will deduct a little amount of coin from your wallet. 

Though it is a real platform of earning coins, you can withdraw your coin by using a different payment gateway like Paypal, cards, or others. Here also has the coin buy option to expand your gaming level. 

App quiz


Platform – Laravel for backend technology, native work-frame CC++. 

Item Developed – Web application, Mobile application

Rating – One of the top 10 Quiz Solutions Android game Applications to earn coins with the available web versions.


Youtube Link –


Our main goal is to create an enjoyable playing platform to learn knowledge & earn points to withdraw coins. We have customized our application with all possible features to make the activities more flexible for any user. No restriction for using the web application or the mobile application of the Quizest gaming app. 


No age limitation to play this game. It will develop your knowledge area with financial support. So you can take this application as an earning source. Lots of information with different categories. So you can choose the perfect category you want. Faster & smooth service with all required features. 


Web App:

  • User attractive landing page
  • WebUser Panel
  • Buy Coin
  • History of coin purchase
  • Leaderboard
  • Coin management
  • Admin setting
  • Clean code
  • Admin dashboard
  • Category & sub-category
  • Also available all mobile application features

Mobile App:

  • Paypal & card supported for coin buying
  • Purchase history
  • Landing setting
  • FCM push notification
  • Social media log in supported
  • Awesome onboarding page
  • Short time easy registration process
  • Clear home features
  • Unlimited category
  • Lock & unlock category option
  • Colorful UI
  • Puzzle of image & quiz answer 
  • Earning point & coin system
  • Get a hint by using the coin
  • Available skip option without losing a coin
  • Limited timeframe for every question
  • Sound & vibration effect
  • Daily – Top user list
  • Weekly – Top user list
  • Ranking list based on earning points

Project Snaps: 


Complete Quiz Solutions With Android App And Interactive Admin Panel

Business Impact

Increasing user engagement – Our application is highly responsive and user friendly. We are getting 50% more User_Engagement than our past history.   

Increasing the conversion rate 45% comparatively more than previous experience. 

Please check our documentation & Demo credentials before purchasing the application. The non-refundable policy is available here.