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Hiring Nodejs Developer: Process to Pick the Best One for your Project


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Hiring a remote nodejs developer can be expensive, but if you do so with care and understanding the various factors at play, it can also be cost-effective. Before you hire just anyone, take a look at our guide to hiring nodejs developers and get an idea about how much the cost of hiring a nodejs developer will be.

What is NodeJS and Why Should You Consider?

Node.js is the most widely used development framework among programmers. This framework uses Google’s V8 JS engine and is said to be faster than Ruby, Python, and Perl. Node.js is used by several well-known companies, including GoDaddy, Groupon, IBM, and LinkedIn. In the US, Node.js developers can earn more than Europeans depending on where they are in Europe. But Node.js freelancers, on the other hand, charge an hourly rate of $81-100 worldwide. People have gradually come to appreciate the advantages of remote working for more than a decade. Startups and large corporations have been employing individuals through this new mode of employment, especially with the introduction of COVID-19. According to a recent study, businesses must make work portable due to these rapid changes.

As a result, we’ve set up a detailed guide to look at the finest options available to you when hiring a web developer today. This post will look at how the popularity of Node.js influences your hiring process, as well as the average wages for Node.js developers and the many job kinds available. By the end of this article, you’ll have all you need before hiring a Node.js expert.

NodeJS Popularity: Does It Affect Your Recruitment Process?

As previously said, Node.js has established itself as one of the most popular methods for executing JavaScript code outside of a web browser. Similarly, software engineers regularly use this open-source, cross-platform back-end runtime environment in innumerable global projects. Yes, it affects the recruitment process.

hiring nodejs developer
Source: Statista report on most popular frameworks in 2022

There is a huge need for Node.js programmers, and finding one has never been more difficult. Depending on the recruiting model, you should expect to spend somewhere between $7K and $11K per month for a skilled Node.js engineer with reasonable experience and good English.

What Is a NodeJS Developer’s Salary in Different Countries?

Although there are highly qualified engineers in many countries, we see large discrepancies in the average wages of NodeJS developers. Salaries vary substantially depending on the engineer’s locale due to the cost of living in that country and various other factors.

Let’s investigate the disparities by looking at average wages in other countries.

Americas North and South

When it comes to software engineers in the United States, most know that they have the highest average salary in the world. A Node.js developer in the United States earns more than $105K per year, according to Glassdoor.

On the other hand, developers’ average income in Latin American countries is substantially different. More specifically, a Node.js developer earns $19K a year in Mexico, a country well-known for its competent engineers.

Africa and Asia

African and Asian countries have lower wages than Western Europe and the United States. Node.js developers in India, for example, earn roughly $7,500 per year. Similarly, a South African engineer with years of expertise gets roughly $23K.


Finally, European developers receive varying amounts depending on the country they are headquartered in, just like they do in America. Node.js developers in Western European countries earn significantly more than those in Eastern European ones.

Similarly, in Germany, a Node.js developer earns an average of $70K a year. Countries like Ukraine and Bulgaria, on the other hand, have a skilled IT workforce but lower wages. Node.js developers in Ukraine, for example, make roughly $14-15K per year.

What Are the Most Common Methods of Hiring NodeJS Developers?

You have many options if you need to employ a skilled Node.js developer for your next JavaScript application development projects. Different hiring models based on the type of job have been created in recent years.

As a result, let’s look at each proposal separately. You’ll be able to identify the appropriate hiring model for your company’s needs and budget by the end of this chapter.

Choosing a Node.js Developer based on the Type of Job

When it comes to recruiting a Node.js developer for your firm, you have a few options: in-house hiring, staff augmentation, freelancing software development, and outsourcing software development. Although some of those employment states are more advantageous for most businesses, each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Hiring a Node.js Developer: Developing Web Apps in-House

To hire an in-house developer, you must pay a monthly salary and all employee perks (financial and non-financial). To be more specific, in-house recruiting is the standard employment technique and ideal for organizations looking to add to their office staff.

On the other hand, in-house development is the most expensive option, particularly for businesses in the United States and Western Europe. Similarly, if you want to save money, this is not the best option.

Staff Augmentation with a NodeJS Developer

Companies who wish to rapidly increase their development process by recruiting dedicated Node.js developers may consider staff augmentation. With team augmentation, you can select an engineer that has already been engaged and vetted by a development firm. This is a no-hassle way to hire exceptional personnel.

Another option to save time is to hire through reputable online portals such as YouTeam, which lists all currently available developers from Eastern European and Latin American outsourcing organizations. This way, you may employ a top-tier Node.js engineer easily and swiftly (first available candidates within 48 hours).

Staff augmentation is just as safe as employing in-house, but it’s considerably faster and usually less expensive. As a result, if you need to employ a top-tier, full-time Node.js developer at a fair price, this is the ideal choice for you.

Freelancing as a NodeJS Developer

Another way to hire your NodeJS development team is to hire freelancers. If your firm uses sites like Upwork, Toptal, or Freelancer to employ a freelance Node.js developer, you simply have to pay for the work done plus the platform’s commission.

Although freelancers are the cheapest employees, this recruiting style is riskier. So, when dealing with a freelancer, you may encounter issues such as project delays and cancellations. As a result, this is an excellent solution for little NodeJS chores.

What Should Ask a Nodejs Engineer in an Interview?

Before employing a web application engineer, there are two types of questions you should ask in real-time:

Hard skills: Always double-check that the NodeJS developer you’re interviewing has the abilities you’ll need for your projects. Questions about Node.js and JavaScript (e.g., environment features, creating a cross-platform Android or iOS app, node.js frameworks, questions about functionality and API or agile, etc.) can help you verify the candidate’s hard skills.

After assessing an interviewee’s talents, shift the conversation and ask questions to confirm their cultural fit and background. As a result, you will be able to determine whether or not an employee will fit into your firm.

Final Thoughts

This post examined why NodeJS engineers have grown in popularity and how this affects your hiring process. As a result, we looked into average incomes and different hiring models to see what you can do to make this hiring process more reasonable. We came to the conclusion that staff augmentation and outsourcing are the most cost-effective options for small businesses.

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