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Professional Digital Marketing Service

ITECH have a qualified and organized team of professional Digital Marketers.
To progress a new marketing strategy ,we offer you with the best digital marketing service as your requirement.

We offer SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Backlink Outreach, Google Adwords and more service.

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Digital Marketing Service

From the last couple of years, Digital marketing has occupied the space of marketing or the business world. Digital marketing means the most exoteric buzzwords. All professionals are happy with the praiseworthy business growth tricks with the technology of digital marketing. 

Do you have any idea how many people are using this online platform? Asia has 49%, Europe 16.8% & Africa 11%. Let’s calculate the possibility of online marketing. When you are deciding to build an online platform then you need to know all required strategies of digital marketing from the core of it. 

SEO & Social Media Marketing
Google & Bing PPC Marketing
Email Marketing & Other

What is Digital Marketing

Before starting your business you should know about your audience properly. Where they are engaged for more time? From which platform you can connect with them? By using a board to connect all the channels of marketing & method is called digital marketing. These channels will promote your service value or products.

Naturally, we use Generate Some interesting Buzz, Ads printing on Newspaper, Promotional Products offers, company logo, Business Cards, Trade Shows or events, Using Handouts or Flyers for offline business promotional tasks or steps. These all need enough time to expand the plan properly. But digital marketing is an easier & faster method than the traditional method. Exclusive campaign through all digital channels & tools you can make these effective marketing tricks within a short time.

The average search result of Google for every second is 40,000. 61.72% of people use Chrome as their default browser worldwide. 44.1% are using a laptop or desktop as their searching device and 51.6% are mobile phone users. I think now you can understand the value of the vast area marketing possibility of digital marketing.

4 Key Aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing for the right place, right offer & for right timing you must have to maintain some online marketing rules & strategy. Google will not allow you if you do anything overwhelming. So to go ahead in this way you need to follow some different tactics. 

Methods Metrics Lingo Roles

To execute your plan you need to follow the exact method because it is the key to your business success. SEM, SEO, PPC, SMM, Email marketing all are the methods of digital marketing. Accepting these, there have so many methods as per your requirements.

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To define your running performance you need to follow this step. You can also refer to this as a key performance indicator. The marketer uses these KPIs to measure the daily performance of the campaign. To reach your expectation level KPIs have some positive impact. 

This is the terminology used by the expert to communicate intelligently. The digital world is full of terminology like return on investment, CPC, CTR, KPI with countless others. If you make a little mistake then you can feel like a different language working through. Something like an umbrella to describe all terms. 

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There are some basic rules for doing any type of discipline work. Same as here. If you want to go through a legal way then you need to follow all rules to achieve your success. Legal way processing can make sure long-lasting achievement. 


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What iTech Soft Solution Can Do For Your Business

There are so many direct or indirect methods to reach out to your targeted customers.these are the channels or services of the Digital marketing board. These are really very straightforward & you just need to invest your money to perform the set of actions.

Website Marketing

To promote our website, we like to apply many strategies that will auto-generate the maximum level of traffic on your site. The whole traffic generating method for a website is called website marketing. Traffic & sells, two in one method. To reach the high ranking position in search engines, you need to apply some tactics of online & offline like SEO, targeted keywords, Backlinks, Influencers, Quality content, Email signatures, site analysis, mobile optimization, Mapping user journey all can help you to promote your site.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

97% of online users start their journey through Google search Engine. 41% of those clicks go automatically to the top 3 paid ads. This is the authentic google authentic search survey result. PPC is a great method to drive qualified visitors to your targeted site. This will help you to grow the lead & sales rate. Make it fast!! Do you know the best part of it? There has no waiting period. Get your targeted audience & start your business.

Content Marketing

This is the strategic marketing approach that will focus on creating valuable, relative content & consist of the attraction to retain a clear definition to the audience. This is the ultimate customer-driven process that will be profitable. In this way, only interested customers will drive to your site. Naturally, you need to publish unique, attractive content to your website, then we will promote those content through Email Marketing, social media, SEO, others.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective parts of digital marketing is Email marketing. You may be confused about email marketing for spam messages. But that is not all of it. If you are interested in connecting with your potential customers, then email marketing is the must. Only adding the other digital marketing channels is not the ending line. Our marketer will manage your email marketing with top-notch content, which will encourage your customer to visit your site.

Social Media Marketing

Day by day, people are becoming more social & the platforms of social media are also increasing. The marketers are also turning their business media to social media. All of our potential customers are engaged with social media. You know how important social media marketing is for your product or service. But you may be confused about the cost and effort of it. So we would like you to give you a social media pricing guide. This will show you probably cost, spending time & data on the targeted social network site.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the oldest form of marketing. The Internet has helped it to make a new form & keep it standby. This is the process of promoting other products through sharing links on your website or business platform to get a commission for every sale or lead. This cam pain is well known to all marketers. Amazon also has this affiliate program or campaign to introduce their product. They already pay out millions of dollars every month to the website owners who are attaining this campaign & selling their products.

Video Marketing

At this present marketing status, youtube is the 2nd most popular site according to the search engine result. Maximum users like to browse youtube before they want to buy any product. They like to check out products that review videos. Then they also watch youtube videos to learn any topic or service or product. Several youtube videos are based on marketing platforms. By sharing those video links on different social media platforms, they are trying to promote their business. We will help you to promote your video by adding SEO friendly video content & set out the marketing campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the method of driving revenue rates. Web traffic is an important part of all website owners. But it will be nothing if we think without converting them into sales or paying customers or clients. Optimizing the conversation rate with the customers is an important object for the digital marketer. You should know the full details of where your investment is going & for which purpose. Here is fixed pricing for our CRO service, which will help you to generate your site revenue by increasing visitors' rate. As an example Signing up for targeted email lists, create an account, Add to the cart all are the working steps of the CRO process.

Voice Search Optimization

If you are ready to run your business successfully with the help of digital marketing, then our leading expert team will help you with voice search optimization service. This will increase your web traffic, revenue, conversation, and others to reach the goal of your business. To optimize your content location, board information, we need this powering of voice search. It's not too early to think about it. To use this feature, you also need to have a voice search activated device. Now the question is from where they will collect the information. Amazon Alexa will help Yelp for their partnership. Cortana built-in voi9ce search for Microsoft computers, which is powered by Bing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Knowing all the steps or services of Digital marketing, you should also learn about its benefited sites. Then you will understand how important the role of digital marketing is for your business goal.

The most powerful tactic to engage your targeted customers.
Cost-effective method to grow your service area.
Source method of Valuable info & Analytics
Good content performance & for Lead Generation.
Increase Conversion Rates
Higher Revenues with High-level ROI campaign.
Build brand reputation & trust
To secure your online survival
Know the details of all competitors
To reach qualified buyers through SEO & local SEO
Easy & quickly adaptable strategy

These all are the major issues for taking Digital marketing services for your product. Which will convince your buyer to visit your site & buy the product or services or to subscribe to get the next time news update? As we know that no business can survive except marketing or publicity.

In the word, Digital marketing is all about utilizing advanced technology to get all marketing achievements. We can not think about digital marketing as a different part of the marketing department. At the finishing line, both are in the same term. At this modern age, the business world is not 100% complete without digital marketing . So there is no doubt that digital marketing is an effective part of the digital world.