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ITECH have a qualified and organized team of Engineers. To progress a new web/mobile apps for your business, we offer you with the custom application development services you need.

In this modern world, Mobile devices have become the center of communication media & work. 90% of daily life working instruction are forwarding through these devices. Mobile devices are nothing without mobile applications. To make our experience enjoyable, easy working access, and working methods, we are using many types of official or informal applications in our mobile device. To get in touch, we need to update our apps also. That is why the demand for experienced mobile app developers is increasing traditionally.

What iTech can do
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Android App Development

iTech soft provides the best android app development service as our client requirement. Our expert team can handle all kinds of android app development.


We have a knowledgable iOS app development team, that helps to develop the iOS app. Share your idea and develop your app.

flutter app DEVELOPMENT

Want to build a next-generation app for smartphones. We have a Flutter developer team than can help you to build an android and iOS app within your budget.

Mobile App Development

A set of actions or procedures that help to enjoy the latest application functions is called application development. To take the advantages of different products & to optimize the software, we need application development. To get a unique feature than other applications, the owner of that application company would like to update apps by the expert mobile application developers.

Mobile app developers usually develop three types of mobile apps like Native apps, HTML5 apps, and Hybrid apps. In 2020, this business is nearly earning $600 billion. By using the popularity of mobile phones or smartphones, most business people want to use this facility to grow their business goals. All of the customers can not be able to use a laptop or desktop, but the maximum customers can be able to use a smartphone. So the mobile application is an essential element to grow business revenue or interest.

By using your company mobile application, you can grow your business from each corner of the marketplace. At the root of creating mobile apps is the unique features of it. Which will intend you to attach with that business? So this writing application for a small computing wireless device to develop the features & customization is the development of mobile apps. Which is an important part of every business organization?

Process of application development

Smartphones are not only used for faster communication but also for ordering food, paying bills, buying groceries items, booking travel tickets, and others. So mobile applications have made our life shorter. These all are doing their effective role just because of different latest features. There are six principal stages of developing a mobile application.

Idea Design Development Testing Launch Marketing

To generate ideas & validation for application development, we need to follow some strategy. The significant part of the mobility strategy is market research. First of all, we need to know the mobile app's objective or the aim of it. Then the road map of your business, targeted business idea, app USP, platform, competitor analysis, investment, timeframe, marketing idea, then maintenance idea. These all should be monitored before we start the mobile application development task. Without proper ideas, no working process can be successful.

Collecting all info & ideas, you need to think about app design. This design portion is included with UI design & UX design. Actually, these two significant parts are most important behind the success of your application. UI is the user interface that will provide you a visual medium to impress the users. Then the interactions by the users are called the UX design. If we want to discuss these design topics, then we need to talk about all interactive, engaging & interactive multiple aspects.

It would help if you made the design framework with the information for interface data, functionality, and other specific details. Then the development process needs to be termed as a wireframe, which will provide you the vital elements like icons, buttons, layouts & others. For the standard usability, you may create the style guide. This essential part is essential from the start of the UI & UX design and until the end-to-end experience So the details of every high-quality function you will find on the style guide.

The rendering process for any application is called mockup. The combination of wireframe & style guide stands to provide the interconnected elements for visual design. .This is the establishment flow of your mobile app. It may lack logic & intelligence but is full of demonstrating functions. When you can see the function;it on your mobile apps display with the bits of help of the mockup, Prototypes will show you a glimpse working on it.

In this development stage, you need to realize the coding process for your apps. You need to take part in multiple activities like coding, preliminary testing, creation, and installing. There are three parts to configure this development.

To support the functions of the application, you need to connect with a network. So here, the first step is to connect all the database & objectives with server technology. APIs are the pieces of developed software that interconnect not only back-end servers or databases but also all the interconnecting OS components, tools, or systems.

The next step is the mobile app front end. To manage your mobile app data, we use AOIs. But the user needs some features without the connection of a network. Something like offline mode. For this type of user experience, you may need APIs to download & store in the internal storage. This APIs management process is the mobile app Front _ End process.

After completing the apps development procedure, you need to test the app with QA.this This is an essential part of apps development. If you skip this part, then you can understand the performance of your app. To know the quality of your app with the idea you have given to show as features. Depending on the way of the development plan, you can execute it. If they have any technical error or malfunction error, you can also solve them with the help of App testing. If you find any error then you should resolve it & check again, is it ok?

Launching your mobile application is starting the journey of marketing. Before publishing the app play store or google store to download this app, you may check for deployment. Publishing the app allows you to follow different methods like publishing for a selected group of people or internal groups. If you want to get the early users' feedback, then you can also upload or publish this app as a beta version.

Here is the result of creating your mobile app, waiting for us in this marketing section. Your application should be healthy when users start downloading your application from the apple play store or google play. To engage your users with this application, you can add some new features to keep their attention.

If you want to achieve your success after publishing your app with quality designs with features, you need to follow some parking strategy to promote your app. The maximum would like to apply the robust promotional plan. Drive the users to your application & to increase the rate of organic installing percentage; this robust plan will be worked out.


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The technology of developing mobile apps

If you want to develop any mobile app, then you can follow four significant approaches to development. They have two dominant platforms for the smartphone market. One is iOS, the operating system, and the Android operating system. Both of these platforms have some similarities with some differences also. We need to use different software developing kits.

Native Development

For a specific operating system mobile application, you should select this method. It can be iOS or Android operating systems that need to use specialized tools also. The advantages of this method are
  • Advanced technology design option.
  • Best mobile app performance.
  • Directly device access through APIs.
  • Responsive apps with a reliable interface.

Cross-platform Development

In this current industry, as a mobile app developer, you must know multi-operational platforms. The three major mobile platforms are iPhone, Windows & Android. An expert app developer will be an expert on one platform coding, but he will also know versatile coding to create apps for any platform. The advantages of cross platforms -
  • Single coding for all platform
  • Simple logic with possible error-free functions.
  • Low price rate & less time requirement for multi-platforms.
  • Easy app building process

React Native

This is also a cross-platform framework development by Facebook. React Native will allow you to develop your mobile apps with the help of JSX & JavaScript offshoot. With this approach, you can utilize more native features. As an example, the camera of the device without any extra plugins.
  • Easy app building process
  • Easy app building process


Though you have reached this site & reading this article, you also need mobile app development services or are interested in knowing about our services or products. We would like to offer you the services-

School Management Software
Hospital Management Software
Account Management
HRM- HR with Payroll Management Software
Production or Hotel Management Software
As Customer Requirement

Why Should You Choose us?

This is the time of being smart, intelligent, easy & fast to keep pace with the modern era. ITech is an international IT company in Bangladesh. Continuously we are working with national & international clients to fulfill their desired result. As a small business owner or corporate business, E-commerce, or start-up business owner, you just need to create your own identity throughout the world. The best way is to create mobile applications to get better performance of your business. To help you out we are providing below services & others for you.

Custom App Website To App App improvements Bug Fixing Consultation

For a specific group of people or users, you can develop your application. We design the app to address your specific requirements based on your customers according to your organization or tradition. There are so many benefits of developing any application. Major issues are - 

  • Change the business procedure by making a tailor as you need.
  • Fit perfectly based on the current ecosystem & business system.
  • Multi-application to specify the business functions. 
  • Full access to the original developing team. 
  • Reduce external threads. 

If you want to convert your site into a mobile application then we are here to help you. With the help of three easy steps, we can solve it. 

  • Entering the business name, category of your business & color scheme, 
  • Adding your demanded features that you love, 
  • Using Appy_Pie app builder convert your website into an application,
  • Launch on the app store to reach your customer & expand the business area. 

You may think that why should you update your application. Mobile applications need frequent updates to have a smooth user experience. We, people, are love novelties. I love to know about the new things & features of it. To customize your user, you need to offer them some new interesting & helpful features. Status factor, Adjustment with mobile strategy, Statistics data, and others will make it easy for you.

The change of a system or the design of your product we need to handle this bug or glitch programming. Among so many programming bugs, some may show errors with system implementation. To run your software properly you need to fix this bug. By replicating the bug after understanding the problems truly, we can fix this bug. Then come to prove the fixing. Without testing just close the loop.

You can communicate with us for any problems or suggestions. Our expert team will first analyze your problem and give you a report to solve the issues. Every software engineer in our team is friendly with our customers to realize their problems. So you can easily provide us full details.

The development of mobile apps is an ongoing process. It will continue after you launch the apps for the first time. Based on the user’s feedback & functionality, we need to keep this development process if we want to compete with our competitors. TopTechyTips is the best leading company for mobile app development. Our expertise always follows some procedures to create apps & their development. We would love to hear from you after successfully launching any apps.