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Professional UI/UX design Service

To enjoy an exclusive user experience & user interface, we are here to catch your attention. Grow your business with the help of the latest technology, user-friendly mobile apps, desktop apps, or websites.

We will give you a brand quality service to stay connected with us for your next project. We know the value of user experience while creating UI. Which will help you to get a useful review & achieve your business goal?

What is UI & UX Design Service

UX & UI design is often confusing terms of app design & web design. But from the surface, if we describe them, they will be in a single term. It’s hard to get a solid description to understand. To have the proper idea, let’s dive into this article.

What is UI & UX Design Service

UI Design –
The graphical structure of an application which we can see at the homepage is called UI design or User Interface. That consists of different click buttons, images, text, sliders entry fields with other interactions. Your screen layout, animation with every single microdot which we can see all are based on UI design.

UX Design –
With a plain description of UX is the result of what the UI designer has done for his users. UX is the short form of User Experience. If you enter an interface of an application like a games app, you will check all interface features like the navigation bar, animation with other functions. Are they logical or smooth for use? Do they feel strangling or enjoyable? This is the experience by using the interface of that app, which we called User Experience or UX in the graphics language.

What iTech Can Do
For Your Business?

Outstanding UI & UX to build a great business brand. Impressive UI design can improve the UX area. To enhance the usability of your product, our developers are working from the core of their heart. To impress your user, they have outstanding concepts for a lovely UI design. Client satisfaction is the only power of our motivation. Here a short description of our services.

Web App UI

The web application is a combination of beautiful design with flexible usability & creativity. When the developer creates any web app UI design, they always give priority to the user experience. The owner of that website may use the application a few times to check, but the user will use that application more times if it is smooth with user-like functions. So it is an important part of web application design to build a web app. so the aspects of content production, graphics along UI & UX all are interrelated. We have successfully done many web application projects

Mobile App UI

To build an attractive & effective mobile UI, we need to consider the aspects of the user. What they are thinking about & what is the way of their thinking. To fulfill the user requirements, we need to use various designing tools. First of all, an attractive & different application interface than other applications. Which will help the user to browse the app for a long time with joy? Splash screen, Onboarding screen, Home screens, Log-in & profile screens, Stats screen, Calendar screen, Catalog screen, Product card screen, Checkout screen, Feed screen, Player screen, and others all are the basics of creating mobile app UI based on their category.

Complete Website UI

To complete a website UI design, you need to follow some principles rules. It should be readers or users readily accessible & consist of all related designs on the same page. Not like that, the menu bar is on the top page & the bottom of it is on another page. Should not keep the menu item at the front page, which can increase the loading time of your page. If you set the contact list on the bottom of the page, the reader can also go through it. All designs should be clear to catch users' eyes. They were using the Feedback option with Recognition or Not Recall and others. Most of all, the design will be standard to read & use your user with simple & logical elements.

Design Research & Analysis

In this field, we have more than ten years' experience. To carry out the usability & the conduct of the users, we need to attain some surveys. We are gathering knowledge to fill the gaps, which are the objectives of good research. To understand our user's hypotheses. Fixing the method based on time & manpower. Collect user data by that selected method. Finally, synthesize all of our gathering knowledge to prove or disprove the opportunity for that design.

Customer Experience Research

What the customer or the user says & what they are doing are the two different things. To know this properly, we need to do this research. This helps us to go forward in the right way. We can do this research by submitting a short, simple & engaging online survey form. Or can collect data from different survey sites. But the fact is that the result should be authentic. To apply our creative method to have a genuine customers experience result.

Complete Wireframe Design

To create a visual outline design for mobile UX is called wireframing. To connect one page to another page & to have a contents specific layout, we need to do this. This is the bare bones of our future design that can be colorless also. You need this to have digital writer options, or the project will end up with a loss. So it's time to wire the frame without wasting time.

How to choose UI & UX Design Service

As an extensive UX & UI designer, we would like to give you perfect knowledge of how you will find a good UX & UI agency service. However, we are familiar with all the aspects of this field so it will be an easy task for us & a helpful task for you. To contact an agency you should have a concern about these.

To catch your business goal, a perfect UX designer can help you. To go ahead against your competitor, an expert UX designer can help you. But the UX should be strategic to achieve the targeted growth rate. Also, keep in mind that the competitors are not sleeping at this time of booming.

Check out the Past Experiences

By checking the company portfolio, you will come to know the professional career of them. How many jobs they have done, the same previous pattern is available or not & design quality. The user metrics, retention not only the pretty look of the UI but also the pleasant review of the product.


A precise communication method can clear the way to see their determination and enthusiasm to complete the task. You can follow this from the interviewing intro email—they are thinking about the project and frequent communication to succeed in the project. Daily updates of your project work will all be highlighted through excellent communication skills.

Design Understanding Capacity

If they already have a good understanding of your project, then you can quickly get their feedback. If they show you the detailed research paper about your project, that means they are interested in your project. If they understand the goal of your project, then they can quickly start the project.

Project Management

How will they manage your project? The project managing skill will let you know their progress. Are they delivering their design according to the previous set time or not? How frequently are they updating you about the working progress? Do they need any info or others from you? Considering all of this process, you can get some ideas about your partner agency.

Big Portfolio but Low-quality Work

If you can see that they have already done many projects with large corporations, that doesn't mean they have provided a good quality task. So you need to confirm that working portion. Exactly which purpose they have worked for those large or popular corporations. Maximum agencies apply a common trick. After doing a minor task for an agency, they use the portfolio as they have done a project of UI or UX.

Services Scope

If you find a specialized company, who is working on your targeted niche, that will be a plus point for you. If they are only working on UX design, then they can give you better metrics conversion. General agencies do regular branding design or regular web page design. Do they have any dedicated blog or page presenting your project subject? If the answer is Yes, then it will be their motivation & strategic direction.

Research Method, Testing Concepts, AND Audit

They should have expert knowledge on user research, testing, UX audit, testing usability, benchmarking, wireframing, mockup design, report of persona, sitemap, user journey, flow & finally, visual design. These are the actual significant issues of UX designers.


According to some experts, price is an essential part of any contract or decision. It would help if you considered the price rate according to three facts. You can fix a price to complete the whole project, or you can hire them hourly. Ask them the required time frame to complete this task per day. As a part-time job, they can complete your task. A fixed price is based on the total time investment for your project. An expert will not provide you the service without any guarantee. Either he will not invest much time for this project, or he will charge a lot for a crucial part of your design. Hourly price all time can not be sufficient. The worker will try to do the work slowly to grow their hour number. An experienced & qualified designer can provide you fast service. But that time they may charge a higher rate than others. But you will get good quality work within a short time & the average rate will be right for you.

Difference between UX & UI design

UI does all the things that will introduce the product or service. On the other side, what is the individual opinion or the experience after using that product or service is UX. As an example, if we imagine that the human body is our product, then the bones will be the code structure of it like UI. The organs will work like UX design, which will optimize all practical support of our life. The cosmetics we use to get the glow of your body represents the UI design.
  • UX is the overall feeling of user experience & UI is all about the looking & the functions of the interface.
  • UX is identifying & solving the problems of Users; UI is creating primary functions and for the interface.
  • UX is the first step in product development work, like the bare bone of this journey. UI designers will complete this with visual & other interactive elements.
  • UX is available or applicable for any service, product, or experience. UI is applicable only for digital products & experiences.