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Web App Development Service

Itech is a dedicated software company. We have delivered more than 700 web applications for various business fields and others.

Web App Development Service

Itech is a dedicated software company. We have delivered more than 100 web applications for various business fields and others.

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Agile Web App Development Service

Why iTech Can Do for your Business

Here is a list of our services that we can do for you. We are especially good at these services.

Project Research

Before starting any project, you need to know the whole process to have a clear concept which is called ProjectResearch.

Project Development

Seamlessly we will help you to implement a new version of application with a pool of expert web app developers.

Support Software

In this section we will help you to fix all web apps related problems or issues with the developing process.

Solution Integration

ITech is ready to build different kinds of tools to integrate web application operational systems with API for new versions.

Development tools Business Solution

We are able to provide different tools like Grunt, CodePen, TypeScript, GitHub, NPM & more as a business solution for you.

Product marketing

We offer 360 solution for our customer. So we provide product marketing service that help to increase our customer ROI.

Our process of web app development

To promote your web application we have skilled employees to provide you these listed services with other related services humbly.

Research Design Coding QA Lunch Maintenance

This step is to collect all required information to set your goal, targeted audience & the purpose of this work by proper research & analysis. So the most important part is clear understanding to do this all procedure successfully to achieve the objective.

This section is the place of understanding your thoughts & feelings about what types of interface or image, text, layout, art you want to use as your web application. This is also included with content production, graphics design, UI & UX usability. 

This is a programming language to build any web application. Based on application type & requirements we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP or others. To place text , text style, effect, and add buttons on the application we use this language.

When the developers can see that the application is ready to launch then we need to check our products or application quality. Quality assurance is the part where you can find out your application's error issues to fix any bugs. 

To reach your targeted customers you need to launch the new application. This stage is a little bit challenging & complicated. But our well expert web app developer will make it easy & will complete the process of launch within your timeframe.

This is a continuous process with application development. Frontend development, testing, hosting, Content, UX design, backend, performance optimization, website caching, ssl certificates, code deployment are the parts of maintenance of web applications. This is a premium service to stay up-to-date.  

Frequently asked questions

It may take three to four weeks to complete the whole process if the testing can find any major issue problem. If the features or the functions are fewer complexes than a regular application, then it will take less time.

AngularJS, ASP.NE,, Ruby on Rails, ROR Symfony, Laravel, Node, React, PHP are the top level best platforms to develop your web application development. Our expert developer will confirm your technology after hearing the type of requirements from you.

Depending on the factors, graphics, platforms, sound effects, performance, timeframe & complexity, the cost will be estimated. Better you can send us your requirements list to confirm the cost list.

Xamarin is the best tool to build native iOS, windows, android applications. You can share this code with multiple platforms by using C#. With C#-. React Native, Native language & platform; Flutter is the ways to build your native applications.