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iTech Softsolutions offers you affordable low-cost web design service. Not only local clients but also global clients. If you are looking for a web design service? Then you are in the right place. We also need to know which type of web designing service you need. We offer all types of web design service.

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What iTech can do
for your business.

To run your business ITech is ready with any kinds of web related services. Follow our company below service list.


WordPress Development


WordPress is popular cms that help to create a website using any coding knowledge. It’s a user and search engine friendly. We offer to build a custom WordPress website as our client requirements. But why client choose wordpress?

Easy to maintenance
Search engine friendly
Number 1 CMS in the world
Faster page loading speed
Lots of free and premium plugin
Cost efficiency

WooCommerce = eCommerce


A flexible eCommerce platform, providing seamless integration with your WordPress website. WooCommerce gives you the ability to sell online, 24/7 with a delightful customer experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Powers over 32% of all online stores
Search engine friendly
Build in WordPress
Easy store management
Ecommerce optimization

PHP /Laravel


Want to create a more secure and dynamic website? We offer high-end dynamic PHP website based on laravel framework. But why php/laravel?

More secure
More customization function
Lots of pro features
Require for larger page website

Professional Web Design

To perceive your brand to the targeted audience, you need the impact of professional website design to impress customers.

Corporate & Business Website

To have a sales-ready opportunity, demonstrate leading, multiple engagements, and to communicate through the web need a corporate web design.

CMS Based Website Design

We have help to our customer to build CMS based website like wordpress, joomla,Beginners can easily manage this uncomplicated system.

Dynamic Website Design

Want to make dynamic website? We offer all kinds of dynamic website design and development.

Custom Web Design

In this service, we will focus on the strategy to your company business through user experience, design, programming then marketing.

Project Research

This is the endeavor to search for some questions and answers. Protocols define description, goals, methods, outputs & dates are pertinent.

Our development process

The coding process is not necessary, but HTML, JavaScript & CSS will give the shape to define the information as an image.

Research Design Coding QA Lunch Maintenance

This step is to collect all required information to set your goal, targeted audience & the purpose of this work by proper research & analysis. So the most important part is clear understanding to do this all procedure successfully to achieve the objective.

The visual content, which we can see as an image, shape, or in a different layout, photos all are the result of site design. Thinking about the demand or requirement of customers or the users, a developer should design a site.

This stage will help you to create your website by itself. You also need to use the previous graphics design to have your actual website. Server installation, plugin installation, mock-up, layout create & test are the parts of coding.

After every change, testing is a routine part for you. Every single fact needs to test to check out the broken ones. After completing the check & rechecking, upload the file on the server for deployment, and then run it to check out the installation error.

The starting point to the finishing line, like launching the software, is a different working process. These processes are interconnected with creating software & the letter part is developing the application. Based on the customer's feedback or user experience.

This stage is to monitor the service more than a product. Is it good enough to deliver to the user? Does everything run well with full satisfaction? A user feedback setting can allow you to solve some uncertain problems to overcome.

Why iTech

iTech has more than ten years of experience in this field. The one-stop-shop to develop your software from start to end. We have 100+ expert & experienced developers on board. ITech is a multinational IT farm with multiple branches whose head office is in Portugal. We have more than 200 employees & 70% of developers belong to the senior level. We have completed so many offshore & onshore clients projects. Most of them are long term projects. Just because of our team’s best working feedback, maximum clients like to do their next projects with us.

This achievement is not the result of a single day. This is the result of all our dedicated employees’ hard & skillful working method. We are committed to give you the fastest quality full service within our targeted time frame. We know the value of our customers’ single moments. That’s why we always try to bring the product to the markets as first as we can. To provide our customers with great technology services with cost-effective, flexible & faster methods, we always follow these three facts.

Remote-Based Company Join force Value

To make the best products, we like to spread our team members in different locations of the world. So that they can work in a flexible environment to produce their best quality. There is no limit to location for being a part of our company, which is also helpful for global customers.

We are not providing you a specific product service. We can be part of your whole products & being a partner of long term cooperation.

You will never find the same vendor that will match with our value proposition. Our every effort is to provide you with the best quality product or services to get you the right business model as you need. We are committed to making this happen.

What Are You Looking For? -

In search of web design services, we provide all relevant services like consulting, customization, development, or outsourcing of software.

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Consulting Development Product Outsourcing Enterprise application Augmentation

With this consulting service, we will maximize the ROI for software development to take the initiative & effective planning. Here you will get all-round end to end software consulting services.

This is the process of upgrading the software with all solutions. ITech is providing high grade customized software to spread our service fame globally.

To free up your resources & to get all access to expertise via a third party vendor, you need this development service. We will help you to get the combination of first product service with stability.

To cover the failings of internal support or develop resource activities are responsible. ITech is always ready to take over this type of development project.

To optimize the TCO and the digital world's journey, you will require this end to end application service. We are maintaining this type of status from the starting of the journey of ITech with all trusted partners.

This is the model of successful outsourcing to fill the gaps of resources. Our remote team is always ready to manage it tactfully for your project.

Frequently asked questions

The design we can see on the internet when we browse any website is web design. On the other hand the user experience or the user interface is web design.  

No, we didn’t need to outsource or send work overseas but we have been hired. Having a smart & expert IT team many companies hired us to perform different business functions. 

Legally we will never own our domain name, server, CMS, web platform or database until we build the website by programming. This is one kind of agreement to own the website by the coding source.  

Completing a website’s total task is a lengthy process. It may take nearly 1-2 weeks from the starting of the website to launch. Discovery matters of facts sthen designing & initial developments and finally modification. So this will take a long time to start with content for writing. 

Yes, it is possible. Though we have a physical presence office for working purposes. By using different online media we can communicate with you & can also build your business website as an offshore client. 

Yes, we can help you out from this situation but it is negotiable. We need to observe the condition of your present website then we can assure you the working methods.

Yes, we will assure your 100% project satisfaction. We always work hard to make our customers happy till the last end of every project. We are committed to offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

Your website will be hosted on a special computer. Which we called a server. If anyone wants to visit your website then he needs to type the domain name or website address & hit enter. This computer or device will automatically connect with the server directly to show the webpages.

If you have quality content then you can provide those as per your website requirements. Or we can help you through our expert content writers. This will be conditional depending on your project demand.

Our expert consulting team will explain all required steps to create your personal or business website details method. We have different website packages based on your targeted niche, cost and others requirements. So you can easily choose a flexible package to start your new project.