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Best Software Company in Bangladesh

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Are you looking for the best software company in Bangladesh? In fact, there are several best companies in Bangladesh. We all know that software has become a main component of the technological world. Nowadays, software has become a common part of daily lives and also in the business sector. Most successful businesses use their own software as an integral part. Bangladesh has made great gains in the development index and companies have increased their value in recent years. Also, the best software companies are now taking the business to new heights. Bangladesh has gained a reputation from many people around the world for its software development.

How we Selected the Top 10 Result –


Almost all the companies in Bangladesh are service-based. So, these companies basically work for business and provide us with a wide range of services. Custom software projects develop or provide technical expertise in the form of team extensions, dedicated teams, or project teams. So, all the companies that can ensure these benefits will be the winners.


The very first thing to do is dig into their previous projects when choosing a software development company. That’s how we can check their knowledge of specific technologies, experience with various domains, countries, and so on. Besides, there is always a good chance of finding a case similar to our desired projects.

Blog and Social Media:

If the firm has something to share with a broader audience they should have a regularly updated blog or publications on social media. That proves their skills and experience in customer interaction.  It is also a good way to check how in-depth their knowledge in different fields is. But it’s not necessary to just look through the titles and topics. We should pay attention to the publication date. New content should appear regularly. The most popular platform for these companies is LinkedIn. We want to gather as much info as we can from their LinkedIn page for choosing a software development company. This helps us to find the firm’s description, location, number of employees, and lots of other details.

Development Methodology:

Agile software development is a gold standard nowadays. Adaptive planning, early delivery, project updates, and communication tools are based on it. This means that we will be aware of what is happening at any stage of project development. But every company understands agile methods a bit differently.

Delivery Time & Commitment:

Provide the project to the client and fulfilling the acquired contract in due time is one of the most important and sensitive things in this sector. Customer satisfaction is a must to succeed.

Customer Support & Manpower

Customer support and manpower is the biggest asset for any software development company. The reputation and future possibilities fully depend on it. So, these companies are trying to maintain it.

Our Selected Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

There are some top software companies that are becoming very famous nowadays in Bangladesh. Considering our opinions above, we’ve discussed the top 10 software firms below to help you get an idea of ​​the best software companies.

DataSoft –

Datasoft is a popular software development company in Bangladesh and a giant company. They started their journey in 1998 and they are the first ISO approved company, which is proud to have achieved the 5th CMMI level.

They have supplied software both corporate and public and have achieved a great reputation. Most of the clients of this company include Bkash, Chevron, British American Tobacco, DHL, Eastern Bank, and much more. And, some of the clients work with Datasoft to complete their software requirements. Datasoft has always been ahead of other local companies. On April 24, 2014, Datasoft launched CMMI as a Level 5 company, ushering in a new era in the IT industry. Recently, Datasoft signed with the Integrated Development Foundation (IDF) to integrate Smart Enterprise ERP solutions for their development.

Service that they provide-

Datasoft is highly skilled for financial ecosystems, ports, ERPs, and supplies. Now they want to get into the business of IoT with Viyellatex group. According to their services, they include testing, development solutions, system management and implementation, give advice after the necessary analysis, and so on. Datasoft also helps to improve the professional performance of your team and organization through skill development, resource mobilization, as well as world-class education. Since 2010, Datasoft is an ISO 9001: 2008 company; they maintain all their products in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. Their service is very good, that’s why they were awarded Superbrands Bangladesh status in 2012.

Data Table

Location – Rupayan Shelford (20th Floor), 23/6, Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.
Founded – 1998
Number of employees – 450+
Major Clients – British American Tobacco, EBL, DHL, USAID, BRAC, UNDP and more…
Yearly revenue – $3-5M ( Estimated )
Service Type Software Development, Software, IOT, Big Data Analysis and more…

Brain Station 23 –

Brain Station Bangladesh is a stylish name in the software industry that develops enterprise applications and provides services to both local and international clients. BrainStation-23 is a successful and innovative company that is considered among the top ten best software development companies in Bangladesh. Their name spread not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide in countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, etc.

If we talk about the beginning of this company, then I would say that the beginning of this company started in 2006 with very little capital in the pocket. They firstly focused on the international market after joining the local market in 2010. Since then, the company has shown steady growth and now employs more than 200+ software engineers. In addition to software development, the company is one of the few companies in Bangladesh that has ideas for creating AR and VR applications.

Service that they provide-

For all digital needs, Brain Station 23 creates a dynamic business impact with innovative and intuitive solutions. Their clients come mainly from the fintech industry such as local banks, and payment processing systems. They worked on some government projects. This company is always trying to develop smart solutions, create more advanced software. Also, they provide the ultimate e-commerce solution as well as customization for e-commerce business. Their main goal is to make clients happy by increasing efficiency and profitability for the company.

Data Table


Location – 8th floor, Plot#2, Amtoli, Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd Mohakhali Commercial Area, Dhaka-1212
Founded – 2006
Number of employees – 300+
Major Clients –
Yearly revenue – $4-5M ( Estimated )
Service Type AEM Development, App Development, ML&AI, App Development,ERP, Ecommerce, Banking Solution and more…

Tiger IT –

Another giant company that has been working for 10 years is called Tiger IT. Tiger IT is one of the leading companies in the IT sector in Bangladesh.  It is one of the leading software companies for creating the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) in Bangladesh. They have experience working with government projects in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Canada. Bangladesh and Nepal is the most important client for Tiger IT.

Tiger IT created complete software for the 2008 National ID and Voter Registration Project for Elections in Bangladesh. Their community is very large and almost every year Tiger IT issues more than 200,000 smart card-based driving licenses in Bangladesh.. Their identification products have received high praise and are regularly used by the Election Commission of Bangladesh to ensure an electoral voting system.

Service that they provide-

Tiger IT has extensive experience and best practices related to the successful deployment of larger identity solutions in real-world environments. They provide a turnkey solution with horizontal industry partners and local agents and provide rendering services that make the system effective, including architecture and design advice, customization and integration into existing systems, commissioning, data migration from legacy systems, and data transfer. According to their service, they try to visualize all your solutions as modular and adaptable as possible to differentiate the needs and preconditions of customers worldwide. They offer various guarantees for their quality assurance and support clients as much as possible.

Data Table

Location – House 21, Road 28, Block-K, Banani Model Town Dhaka, 1213 Bangladesh
Founded – 2002
Number of employees – 350+
Major Clients – Bangladesh Govt
Yearly revenue – $1-1.5M
Service Type Biometric Solution, Software Development etc

BJIT Limited –

In Bangladesh, BJIT is the best multinational custom software development company which is operating in five different countries. BJIT gives the top IT services including Fintech and Blockchain, AI and Deep Learning, Mobile App and Internet of Things, Web App Development Services, Digital Marketing Services, and much more. About 650+ employees work here and BJIT is one of the most important software companies in Bangladesh.


Since its inception in 2001, they have more than 20 years of global work experience. They have several 50 reputable global clients, including Valmet Oz, Sony, Panasonic Corporation, and many more. The company is certified with CMMI 3 and ISO 9001. The company is also certified with CMMI 3 and ISO 9001. They have their offices in Japan, the USA, Finland, Singapore, and more, with offshore centers in Bangladesh.

Service that they provide-

BJIT Limited has seven areas where competitors can help its customers. Those are IoT & Big Data, AI and Deep Learning, Fintech & Blockchain, Cloud & Enterprise Solution, Smartphone & Embedded Application, Software Testing & Automation, and Digital Marketing. They are successfully serving more than 50 international clients and their customers are mostly from Europe, Japan, and also from the USA. They have bridged the cultural gap from the foreigners and provided services based on the wishes of their clients. They have experience managing international clients with confidence. BJIT has an offshore model that helps clients to reduce software development charge at a relatively low cost.

Data Table


Location – House-7, Road-2/C, Block-J, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Founded – 2001
Number of employees – 550+
Major Clients – Akbar JM, BJIT Ltd, SourceNext Corporation, Ando Kunitake
Yearly revenue – 88,963, 600 BDT
Service Type AI Solution, Blockchain, Mobile App, SAP Solution and more…

Nano IT –

Nano IT World is one of the pioneers of an eCommerce development company in Bangladesh.  This company has over 11 years of experience with more than 350 eCommerce development worldwide. This company has a vast expertise in the IT ground. They are capable of making software for varied requirements. No matter what the client’s needs are, this company can handle any challenges and create software for ERP,  CMS, EMS, POS, and also billing software.

This giant software company takes pride in adhering to their standards and they deal with clients with the same respect and quality. Nano IT is a proud member of the BASIS, which aims to develop the entire IT sector in Bangladesh. That’s why they are one of the top ten software development companies in Bangladesh.


Service that they provide-

Nano IT is the most trusted eCommerce and Software development company in Bangladesh. They mainly provide an eCommerce website. They are also popular for their promising services in domain registration, web hosting, domain reseller, reseller hosting, SEO services. They are also renowned in e-mail marketing, mobile app development, SMS marketing, and many more. This company offers interactive and highly creative website design and development services which includes high-class website development, custom web programming from a simple web page to the complex solutions, e-commerce solutions, CMS (Content Management Systems), and search engine friendly and responsive website design.

Data Table

Location – Rowshan Tower 152/2, A-2, 8th Floor Left. Green Road Panthapath Signal, Dhaka 1205
Founded – 2009
Number of employees – 25+
Major Clients – Jamuna, Singer, Square, SAARC, aamra and more…
Yearly revenue –
Service Type Web Development, Ecommerce Solution, Digital Marketing, Design, Tranning and more…

KAZ Software –

KAZ Software is another well-known software company in Bangladesh. They are renowned for their budget-friendly services. Their goal is to create great software within a budget. The company was launched in June 2004. KAZ Software is one of the best companies in Bangladesh nowadays in the software development sector of Bangladesh. They consistently do their job with more compact than others. KAZ Software empowers people from award-winning development teams to innovate and build a great software product.

These are some of the well-known software companies in Bangladesh. They are well known for their committed service. For more than a decade, they have helped launch Fortune 500 ventures around the world. Their goal is to create faster, better, software within time and budget.

Service that they provide-

This giant software company provides a large number of services to its customers in a promising time and budget. They have ample experience both in development platforms and business domains. They don’t specialize in particular technologies, but they are definitely proficient and experienced with a wide array of tools and systems. Their developer teams work very hard to make their every product unique. They also try to fit the right team with the right skills for that particular product. Their teams have worked on web applications, created desktop applications, and built numerous mobile apps.

Data Table

Location – 35/5 Shantinagar Bazar Rd, Dhaka 1217
Founded – 2004
Number of employees – 150+
Major Clients – Robi, QFC, World Vision,Swisscontact and more….
Yearly revenue –
Service Type App Development, Mobile App, Voip Solution, Engineering and more

 ITech Soft Solution – 

Another monstrous company that has been working for these few years is ITech Soft Solutions. It is a Portugal-based software firm and an offshore companyThe main services and development services department of this company is mainly located in Khulna, Bangladesh. Sk Al Murad is a former founder and creative director of ITech Soft Solutions. The company started its journey in 2015 as an outlet. For dedication and freelance design services, the team expanded rapidly and they could no longer look back.

They are basically a creative design agency. They work on the web and smartphone-based application development, iOS development, UI / UX design, and game development. In these two and a half years they have provided hundreds of awesome design projects to clients. Within a few years, they can prove themselves as an international quality software service provider.

Service that they provide-

Itech Soft Solutions is basically a creative design agency. The team at Itech Soft Company is always ready to create new ideas and implement them along the way with their creativity and experience. They always aim at the limits of the client and the expectations of the customer. They provide web, iOS, and smartphone-based application development services. They also provide multiple services like UI / UX design, game development, etc. They have satisfied customers through hundreds of awesome design projects over the years. They have a qualified and organized team of engineers to develop new web and mobile applications for both business and administrative purposes. They also provide custom application development services to their clients according to their needs.

Data Table

Location – Rahim Plaza 2nd Floor, 15 KDA Ave, Khulna 9100
Founded – 2016
Number of employees – 35+
Major Clients – SETUP Tech
Yearly revenue – 1.5 CR BDT
Service Type Web Development, Blockchain, App Development, Digital Marketing and more…

LeadSoft –

Leadsoft is a well-known software development company that started its journey in 1999. It has been providing software products and services to many clients on about 500+ sites in Bangladesh, Denmark, Japan, and Norway. Leadsoft has earned the prestigious CMMI Level 3 recognition. Their dedication to quality has managed to achieve our CMMI Level 5. Leadsoft is an ISO 9001: 2006 certified certification business.

Their technology focus, proven expertise, deep technical expertise, and best practices help them reduce time-to-market for their customers and partners and improve overall company results. They follow the PMI framework and also follow the two best practices for managing software projects. LeadSoft enjoys a high level of competency in Microsoft suite of technologies, specifically around .NET. Leadsoft is a subsidiary of renowned IT solutions provider LEADS in Bangladesh.

Data Table

Location – Rupayan Trade Center 114 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave Dhaka 1205 BANGLADESH
Founded – 1999
Number of employees – 150+
Major Clients – KIMIK-IT
Yearly revenue –
Service Type Blockchain, IOT,Digital Assistant, Rich Web App development and more…

W3 Engineers –

W3 Engineers Limited is one of the most familiar software companies in Bangladesh started in 2009. The company has been providing the best custom software development, products, and budget-friendly technical services. They have two offices with a space of more than 20000 sq ft and are in Dhaka and Khulna and have more than 100 full-time employees. They have a very skilled and experienced development team and engineers.

Their overall improvement and business results for their clients and partners come from their intensive technology, specialized skills, proven expertise, and best practice. They provide innovative applications for web and mobile users through a dedicated team of highly skilled and inspired professionals. They transform MVP into a fully functional scalable application in a very cost-effective way.

Service that they provide-

For their consistency and promising services, W3 Engineers Limited now is a trusted outsource partner. The dedication of the whole team and qualified experts is committed to delivering a turn-key solution on every aspect of anyone’s IT needs. Combining their solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise, they deliver rich web applications and an established development methodology. They are also demandable in the graphics design sector. They are fully capable of diversifying their services which started with software development and maintenance and encompassed all other value-added services. They have already created additional value by integrating their add-on services such as SEO, payment API as well as SME integration.

Data Table

Location – Tayamun Centre, Upper Jessore Rd, Khulna 9100
Founded – 2009
Number of employees – 65+
Major Clients – Lefttravel, UNICEF
Yearly revenue – $1M+
Service Type Web Development, App Development, Blockchain etc

Orbit Informatics –

Orbit Informatics is a leading offshore business solution firm in Bangladesh. This company is still considered to be an up-and-comer in the field of software development. They have experienced and professionals who are enthusiastic when it comes to services like Web and E-Commerce Development, Social Media Marketing, and Business Process Outsourcing. Their growth and achievement have resulted in building fruitful bonding with their valued clients. Their main office is located in London. Although this company is UK based, the operation team is located right here in Bangladesh. In the year 2014, they started their journey in Bangladesh when it comes to IT companies in Bangladesh, this is at the forefront as the most innovative web development company.  Their cost-efficient and structured teamwork justify their position in the top giant companies in Bangladesh.

Service that they provide-

They provide lead generation and tagging item services from ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress. They have also worked with Offshore Web Development, Ecommerce Development, Microsoft .Net Development, Web Application Development, Startup Planning, Tagging & Categorization, Data Entry & Processing, Customer Care & Support, Content Writing, Social Media Management, etc. Their sleek design and responsive website development have earned them the reputation of being a contender for the best web development company in Bangladesh. And that same skill, tenacity, innovative idea, and familiarity with the latest technological tools are skyrocketing them to the front of the line.

Data Table

Location – Sylvania Apartment (9th Floor), House No- Ka-6/A, Dhaka, 1212
Founded – 2009
Number of employees – 25+
Major Clients –
Yearly revenue –
Service Type Web Developer, Digital Marketing, PHP Development and more…

Overall –

Foreign developing countries have created opportunities that are proposed by the digital age and keep pace with technologically advanced countries. These countries have invested heavily in high-income and substantial gains in growth in the IT sector.

Bangladesh today is one of the most developing countries in the world and it is also one of the raised sources of web development and software development.  Today the outsourcing sector has a market of more than 500 billion worldwide. Since we are benefiting a lot from the IT companies in Bangladesh, the government should stand by to support the new companies or entrepreneurs.

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