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Best Software Company in Khulna

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It’s hardly possible to maintain any business without any help from mobile applications or web applications. We can’t imagine our business goal without software development. Thinking on that issue, the percentage of software development companies is increasing globally. Nothing different for the Khulna zone also. If you compare the status of a software company from the previous list with the present list, you can understand the difference easily. In this article, we will show you the detailed report of the top level or the best software development company in Khulna.


W3Engineers is a dedicated software service company to meet all the objectives of its clients faster & effectively. Started their journey in Khulna in 2009. They have already opened their other branch office in Dhaka from January 2015. With the excellent combination of using technologies & understanding, they are emerging their services. All types of business solutions, enterprise applications, and CRM services are available.

Areas of main expertise of W3Engineers are software & web application development, cloud hosting, website development with portal, ERP & CRM software management, Golf reservation, domain monetization, and many more IT related services. W3Engineers team will provide you 24X7 service. So any time you can contact them to get a quick response.  Some of their highlighted projects are – Network optimization tool for IoT, Bunny Castle, the adventure game. Meena the motivational figure to all girls. They have also created the adventures game of Meena. Ghost finder the reality-based game. SRD the application of sharing the data between the seller & buyer. In 2018, UNICEF Innovation Fund was selected by W3Engineers to develop their offline messaging application Telemesh. The users of this application are a group of refugees & they have set a remarkable milestone by completing this task.  Innovation is the daily activity of this company & they like to attempt the unthinkable & impossible issues.  Quality, flexibility, and the right solution is the basic principle of their working methods. To have a complete solution for your growing business you can contact this software company without any hesitation. Hyperledger, wallets, smart contracts, private blockchain are included in blockchain services.

Location – Tayamun Centre, Upper Jessore Rd, Khulna 9100
Founded – 2009
Number of employees – 70+
Major Clients – Left, Unicef, Rightmesh
Yearly revenue – 1M+ ( Estimated )
Service Type Web Development, Saas Based Application, Cryptocurrency Based app, Travel Affiliate, App Development etc
Other W3 Engineers is also renowned ( Left International )


iTech Soft Solution

If you like to work with a friendly corporate partner then ITech is the best place for you. ITech Khulna branch started its journey from 2014 which is partnered with the Portugues team the main branch of ITech Soft Solution. This renowned company is working for the last few years fabulously. Expert level understanding with the latest technical knowledge. All of the team members are well experienced. This team has all well-experienced members who are working on this software field for more than ten years.

Where the maximum company continues their business one specific field like web development or website development or graphics design, but the best thing of ITech is they can provide you all section IT service like from the starting of your business to the last end then after promotional. So they can provide you A to Z its services. All sections have enough experienced employees like the marketing department, website, web application, software development, application building, tools creating, business procedure, consulting & others. Their main working areas are UI-UX Design, Web Design, Web Apps Development, Mobile Apps Development, Digital Marketing, Unity Game Development.  With the power of excellent working skills, attitude & discipline they have completed a vast number of projects within a short time. Some brilliant success project names are – Monttra, AMZcoi, International Business network, Columbus, OK, sofas. If you follow their social media sites, blog, or websites, then you can check out their daily achievements. All types of the latest technology, tips, or tricks are at their fingertips. So you can trust them to complete your project & achieve your business goal.

Location – Rahim Plaza 2nd Floor, 15 KDA Ave, Khulna 9100
Founded – 2014
Number of employees – 40+
Major Clients – Setup Tech
Yearly revenue – $20,0000 ( Estimated )
Service Type Web Development, Cryptocurrency based web app, Saas Based Web App, Mobile app development and more


Borak Technologies Ltd

Md. Arifur Rahman established this small company in 2000 then registered as a joint stoke in 2015. The starting name of this company was “Borak Software,” & they intended to fill the potential gaps of all IT industries. Though the founder of this company was a Sr. IT Consultant, that’s why his primary focus was on the development process of software. They like to follow the ringleader solution process to solve or customize their service with bookkeeping features.  They claim themselves as masters of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. You can get help for WordPress Theme_Customization, graphics, multimedia, eCommerce, woocommerce, with  Android Application for the mobile version. They have experience working with some renowned companies in Bangladesh. Name list –


Till now, they have completed so many projects based on their client’s demand successfully. So they already have a lot of project feedback. If you visit their website, you can read out that feedback to be confirmed about these. They already participate in many nonprofitable projects like WZPDCL, KCCI, Khulna club limited & others. The most renowned application they have built for their business purpose is Borak ERP APP. If you are in search of POS software for showroom, car selling, restaurants, management, Real estate, or others, then you can contact them. They are available for you 24/7 hours. So, it’s easy to connect with them at any convenient time for you.

Location – Chamber Mansion, 5 th Floor, Dakbangla Mor, Khulna, Bangladesh.
Founded – 2000
Number of employees – 20+
Yearly revenue – $10,0000 ( Estimated )
Service Type Hotels, Resturent, Real Estate ERP Software Development,Web Design and Web app development, App Developemtn and more.

And IT

If you are searching for the best software IT farm in Khulna location then And IT is one of them. They are doing a good performance by developing skills & attitude to the clients. They are working on offshore or onshore clients’ projects—friendly corporate business area to discuss any project. By delivering a lot of successful projects with exact value, they have acquired their business goal.  And IT has completed 100+ projects successfully and the number of their active projects is 20, the number of satisfied clients 50. So if you visit their website, you can check an excellent working history. As a client, if you need a sustainable, excellent, and innovative software development team in the Khulna region, then you can also contact And IT.  We know that the leading position person can lead a group of people to success or failure. So the leader should have those qualities to maintain a team or train them as extraordinary, expertise, integrity, & commitment to services. And IT always follows this type of criteria, that is why they have all excellent leadership experience.  Available services they can help you out –

  • Product engineering
  • AI & ML
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Digital transformation
  • Web development


Location – Ahsan Ahmed Road, 32 Choto Mirzapur, Peace Place, Khulna 9100
Founded – 2016
Number of employees – 15+
Major Clients –
Yearly revenue – No data
Service Type IOT, Blockchain Service, Web Development

TechLab Software

TechLab is a highly qualified professional software company in Khulna. You are dedicated to providing you cost-effective developing services for all offshore clients. Dealing with a restaurant, pharmacy, departmental shop, computer shop, electronic store, fashion house, or eCommerce business, do you need any business software to develop your business management procedure, then you can contact them. They can offer you optimum quality web services—well proficient team with good professional IT experiences to maintain the latest technologies.  Their working experience is the result of honesty, courtesy & commitment to the clients. In this daily busy life, we need CRM software to maintain our business in a reasonable manner & to provide a quick response to the customers. In that case, TechLab can help you. With the field of software & development, they are well expert in the web hosting section. If you visit their website to have a look, you can see the different packages rate they are published. Based on your targeted features, you can choose the service package as you want.  Essential available services of TechLab –

  • Collaborative Coding
  • Refactor image
  • Image Coding Bootcamp
  • Custom Designed
  • Server Cloud_Scaling
  • Customer Data
  • Automatic Growth Opportunities
  • Visual Pipeline
  • User Access Role
  • Useful Reports
  • Application Timeline


Location – 102 Sir Iqbal Rd, Khulna
Founded –
Number of employees – 12+
Major Clients –
Yearly revenue – No data
Service Type ERP Based App, Web Developement, App Development and more

The benefits of developing your software are endless. We use different types of software or web applications to secure our business strategy. App development or web app development is as important as the importance of achieving your business goal. To keep pace with modern technology, & to enjoy the latest features, we need to develop our software or application. As a local client of the Khulna region, you may want to know the top service providing software company to have the extra facility of direct conversation for avoiding the visual conversation. That is why we have made this report after considering all growing software companies in Khulna.

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