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Top eCommerce Website in Bangladesh Based on Traffic & Sales

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Best eCommerce Website in Bangladesh

Trade has been moved from offline to online as an eCommerce site. It’s not about a few days, long days ago. In this 21 century, we can see how first the eCommerce company is growing. On online platforms, you can see many eCommerce sites are worth billions. They all are not western sites. Among this list of successes, Bangladeshi eCommerce sites are also included.

Based on Bangladeshi economic status, eCommerce sites are working like raising tigers. To develop our economic status, BD eCommerce sites have a great contribution. eCommerce sites also present the culture of local & foreign heritage. Which is not available near to hand, we can buy these products by using these eCommerce sites. And it’s easy to get our daily uses of commodities & others at the doorstep without going outside. Which also saves our time & energy. In that case, people depend on eCommerce sites.

Top eCommerce website list in Bangladesh

Here we will give you the authentic data of a recent popular eCommerce website in Bangladesh based on Alexa’s report. From the 2000s, The eCommerce sector has been acquiring a dramatic growth in the entire economic sector. Bangladesh bank permitted this online transition in 2013. They also allowed online products selling or buying service by using the Global or the international credit card. Here is a list of eCommerce website in Bangladesh –

  • Evaly
  • Daraz
  • Priyoshop
  • Chaldal
  • Othoba
  • Khaasfood
  • Ajkerdeal
  • Rokomari
  • Bagdoom
  • BanglaShoppers

Monthly traffic data of BD eCommerce sites from March to August

Evaly – Monthly 75 Lakhs+ visitors – after COD still, they are working well.

Daraz – Monthly 42 Lakhs+ visitors – After COVID – 19, they have already recovered their business Progress. According to my thought, at that time, people were not willing to buy any Chinese products, which was responsible for less traffic than before.

PriyoShop – monthly 11 lakhs+ visitors – Due to COVID – 19, the traffic has done downhill & now there traffic is increase, because recent they publish some discount offer.

Othoba – Monthly 7 Lakhs+ visitors

Ajkerdeal – Monthly 9 Lakhs+ visitors – Though during COVID – 19, the traffic had grown certainly but after COVID – 19 again, the traffic dropped out & they failed to recover it for the next time.

Bagdoom – Monthly 2 Lakh+ visitors. They didn’t recover their trillion lost due to COVID – 19

Pickaboo – Monthly 4 Lakhs+ visitors – Strange graph, Sumas tech, Apple Gadgets BD, Gadgets & gears comes into a normal condition. Due to these issues, the traffic level becomes downhill.

Chaldal – During the COVID – 19, they have done excellent business performance. Gradually the competitors become rising just because maximum Ecommerce sites start their journey with Grocery items. Though the people buy grocery items from the nearest grocery shop, they still have more than ten lakhs visitors monthly.

After summing the visitor’s number, we found that 2.5 crore people visited the eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. Among these visitors, the maximum users visit these all sites regularly. The country like Bangladesh, there are a massive number of people who are interested & buying products from these eCommerce sites.

Usually, the conversation rate of eCommerce sites is 5 to 8%. That means these 2.5 crore people visit these eCommerce sites & the order bidding numbers are 8 to 10 lakhs. After all these calculations, we can say that the average bidding order per day is 30 to 35 thousand.


In terms of their traffic, user behavior & sales volume, Evaly is the number 1 position in Bangladesh’s eCommerce websites. Evaly the top eCommerce Website in Bangladesh is capable of delivering all kinds of products & goods at the doorstep of customers. They have fulfilled many customers’ dreams. If you go through the event “Shopno Puroner Golpo By Evaly,” then you will get many heart-touching stories disclosed by the customers.

Recently Bangladesh Bank has frozen all the accounts & official transactions & with products for the abnormal product discount or offer campaign. Chief of BFIU Abu Hena Razib said they had taken this action by following the media reports posted on different news coverage. BFIU has frozen the bank accounts of the chairman Shamima Nasrin & MD Rasels until the issue of suspected Money laundering law – 2019.

After completing the investigation against Every business law & others, Bangladesh bank has unfrozen all bank accounts of This is the information delivered by Channel24 unofficially on 28 September 2020. The 85-90% product can deliver in time (7 to 45 working days) & 10-15% product require more time due to product stock, courier, and other issues—no limit for political unrest, events, or national or public holiday.

Muhammad Rassel is the Founder of and CEO of Kidz Diaper. In an interview, Muhammad Rassel exposes the raising story of Evaly with Ruhul Kader. The pricing of any goods or products is the key factor for any eCommerce business. That’s why they play the game plan on the product pricing with discount offers & good quality services, which helps them to become the largest eCommerce company in Bangladesh. Patience is the most important factor in growing this type of business.

Evaly had changed a lot over the previous months. They have sold almost 230.00 million worth Goods or products from July to August. In that case, we have seen the largest campaign in September 2020. The expectation of this campaign is BDT 350 million by sales. Though the number of orders is not impressive, the order value is amazing because of the expensive product items like laptop, desktop, Bike, smartphone & others.

Per day visitors are 17,00,000 without any campaign or promotion. They have successfully launched 8 applications in a year for customer efficiency. Evaly made TK100 crore turnover on their first birthday. Which is an outstanding achievement based on our country’s economic condition?

Pros and Cons of EVALY

  • Lots of discount campaigns like thunderstorms, cyclones. So users can buy products at a 40-50% discount.
  • In Bangladesh, no one company can’t give discounts like Evaly.
  • Evaly sells all types of products, including car, bike, big electronic appliances, grocery, etc. In Bangladesh, no e-commerce site sells this type of product.
  • Different gift cards for every occasion. For example, if you buy 12000 tk gift cards, you will get 20,000 tk on your gift card balance.
  • Evaly has an express grocery shop where they can deliver products within 1-2 days.
  • Newsfeed open options for sharing customers’ opinions or feedback.
  • Quality product within a very low budget.
  • A variety of merchant shop has been added to this platform.


  • Poor customer support
  • The minimum price placing any order is above 500TK.
  • Lengthy product delivery process according to their delivery policy.
  • Maximum time the server remains jammed at the time of new campaign post.


Daraz is one of the top eCommerce sites in our country with massive users. Considering the popularity of Daraz placed the second position in eCommerce sites. They have a huge online platform for buying electronic gadgets, footwear, fashion accessories, furniture and others. With the significant growth of internet users, E-business is becoming more popular. To make the purchasing experience, better plenty of people are also working for these websites.

Daraz started the journey in 2015 in Bangladesh. First founded as a fashion retailer in Pakistan in 2012. Muneeb Maayr, the Founder & Fares Shah, is Co-Founder. That time muneeb was interconnected with Rocket internet. In 2016 Alibaba bought daraz ownership. According to Kiren Tanna, Bangladesh had more mobile phone & internet users than Jarmani & Japan in 2015. To use this opportunity, they started their journey. Among the developing countries, Bangladesh has a huge online marketing possibility. They have 500+ partnerships with renowned brands. So all the products of those brands are available on this one platform.

In 2019 to break the campaign record, Daraz explored the Eleven Eleven sell campaign by evolving more one thousand five hundred new employees. Which was the biggest online shopping event & 8X than the Amazon Prime Day along with Black Friday. `they also arranged the valentine’s day campaign in 2020. That was the fourth-largest campaign in Bangladesh. 70% Discount on purchases. To make their events more attractive, arrange a raffle draw. The gainer gets the chance to enjoy a helicopter ride & candlelight dinner in Hotel Westin. For maximum events, they arrange something more special to attract customers’ attention.

Though it has some sectors working like barriers for better customer experience, it’s an alarming tone. To sustain in this competitive market place, they should work more for better customer service. If you buy the products from Daraz Mall, you can get the best quality product. So you should consider the seller’s review before buying any product.

Pros and Cons of DARAZ

  • A variety of products are available.
  • Lots of Daraz hub, so you will get the product soon.
  • Easy return policy
  • First delivery service
  • Cashback & discount offers on different transactions.


  • Low-quality product
  • A lengthy process on refund policy
  • Warranty claim hassle.


Priyoshop started the journey of an eCommerce site in Bangladesh in February 2013. In addition to grocery products, all the daily necessities are available at So you can place a hassle-free order from your home. Which was the main concern during COVID – 19 of every eCommerce site. The user can place their order by connecting through websites, applications, Facebook or customer care centers. Concern about the online payment to ignore the outbreak of COVID – 19 through cash on delivery or hand cash method.

More than 1 thousand brands are connected with this platform with 1 lakh item in this one place store. They have successfully added their name in the list of UNCTAD as a role model of Bangladesh eCommerce site in UN research. Instead of these, they had achieved the award of National Information Technology in the 2019 & Super Startup Award from India in 2016.

To add new dimensions to customer services, they approved a joint venture capital company investing in Singapore. Six years ago, Ashiqul Alam Khan set up this e-commerce business by adding the savings of private tuitions & borrowing money from others and working with more than 150 employees & 1K Point Entrepreneur.

To secure the buyer & seller relationship, they have launched the Buyer protection policy. By this method, you can buy your desired product without any hesitation.

Pros and Cons of Priyoshop

  • Easy interface to locate any items with well category arrangement.
  • Exceptional Delivery option with hot deals.
  • Well described features & details for every product item.


  • Less offer campaign
  • Comparatively higher product price
  • Product delay delivery for maximum times.


Zia Ashraf is the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Founded this e-commerce site in 2013. Waseem & Tejas are the co-founders of this Ecommerce site. He loves to keep up with the latest technology. They are controlling more than 1000+ employees to manage their business tactics. All kinds of grocery items come fresh food, vegetables, meats & others. To make the order placing method easy to the customers, they have published the mobile application. has 7 storage rooms to deliver the products from there. They are getting different ways to expand their business goal. They placed nine on the list of 500 Start apps in 2015. According to the Alexa ranking, they are in the top 4% & the domain linking is 27%. The rate of social popularity is Twitter 62%, Facebook 5%, founding growth in the top 18%, and 9% growth. However, they have a great loss. During the COVID – 19, they still have 10 lakhs visitors on their site every month.

The best thing about this eCommerce site is they are providing their service in many unexpected areas. Like working for the Rohingya refugees & making them as a strategic investment. Home food delivery for them, turning that place into a supermarket of Chaldal system. By the crossing of their last decade, create a model micro wirehouse. It helps to supply grocery items in a chain. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have closed the series B funding round. To complete the critical household demands, they are playing a very important role.

Pros and Cons of Chaldal

  • People can buy their daily necessities from this eCommerce site.
  • Work like a supermarket to deliver you any kinds of products.
  • From all in one place shop.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Low-quality grocery products
  • Not delivered on time
  • No similarity with the delivered product with the ordered products.
  • No appropriate action against any complaint.


The head of this business is Azim Hossain. Othoba was partnered with L Amor in 2019. & sister Concern of Pran_ RFL groups. Started their journey in 2015. This agreement helps them to sell different brands’ products on one platform. The popular brand Zippo, Black, EL Amor, Today’s telegram of Nepal, Shironam Hin & others are part of this agreement. So these brand logos, T-shirts & other clothes are also available on this platform.

Available categories are men, women, baby & kids, Mobile, home & living, Electronics, Books & stationeries, Good & beverage & others. Here you can understand that the eCommerce site is full of your daily or regular uses items & other demanded products. There is a unique facility in You can purchase your desired product by providing your Bangladesh address. So you just need a Bangladesh shipping address. The person outside of Bangladesh can purchase products from them, a different facility than other eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. They are maintaining 12,86,221 numbers of fans.

Pros and Cons of Othoba

  • Pretty much items to go on
  • One spot shop
  • 7-day product returning policy
  • Flexible payment method


  • Delay delivery method
  • Less product offer or discount or cashback offer.


Khaas Food is the source of safe & pure foods that started in 2015. The focus point of this eCommerce site is to ensure the health quality of their customers. To avoid food adulteration and ensure food safety, they gave their 100% effort from this site’s beginning. To fulfill their big dream project, they already made 5 food storehouses in Dhaka. They maintain the process of manufacturer or producer to buyer selling theory. Depending on the producer, they are continuing their business. This is the way to provide all authentic & halal products.

Pros and Cons of Khaasfood

  • Wholesome, chemical-free food quality at the doorstep.
  • Organic food items
  • Maintain business fairness & honesty.
  • Excellent shopping experience
  • Reasonable price


  • Less outlet address to collect products from all wide Bangladesh.
  • Low rate offer or discount on products
  • The checking product will auto added on add to cart.


Ajkerdeal is the sister concern of Founded in 2010 & nowadays well known as a trusted company to all customers. CEO of Ajkerdeal is Mr. Fahim Mashroor, who has successfully set his company as an entrepreneur. They use all smart strategies to promote their business or website. They also hire Mashrafe Bin Mortaza as their brand ambassador. So it’s a great plus point for them as a Bangladeshi eCommerce site. So the fans of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza will automatically connect with this eCommerce site.

Varying on the customer’s income & affordability, they have all classes products or brands. So all types of budgeted people will be interested in buying things from Ajkerdeal. Recently they have added 1000+ new items on this platform. In 2017 they also made an agreement with Sure cash to maintain all mobile banking & payment services. Fahim Mashroor said that people of remote areas would complete their transactions by using the internet in this way. The latest feature of Ajkerdeal live shopping every day at 7 pm except Friday.

Pros and Cons of Ajkerdeal

  • Order tracking option,
  • Refund option for damaged products.
  • Cash on delivery
  • DBBL, iPay, MasterCard, Visa Card, bKash, & Amex payment method
  • bKash payment cashback offer.


  • Each click will open a new window instead of the same page.
  • Image quality is not good enough as optimized.
  • Auto changing language after setting the specific one.
  • Their delivery system is not well.


This is the best place for a bookworm. From the very beginning, is in reach with online bookstores. Books for everyone. Science, fiction, history, religion & others. So you can find the perfect category as you want. They also have a happy Refund & return policy.this policy will be applicable within 3 days of receiving the order. To an educated person, Book is the best gift. So you can place orders for your loved ones. is the largest online bookstore in Bangladesh & was created in 2012. The criteria of this eCommerce website are unique to any other eCommerce site in Bangladesh. They are offering books in all available categories with a 50% discount or more. So you can easily make your library by collecting or buying books from these sites. You can place your order within a few clicks. So it will be easy for all classes of book lovers to collect their desirable books.

Recently they have added some new items like T-shirts, electronic gadgets, mobile & others. Also, have easy payment methods to make the transactions easy.

Pros and Cons of Rokomari

  • Cash on delivery
  • Easy payment method
  • On-time delivery
  • All category books storehouse.
  • Gift voucher option
  • request a quote feature
  • Special blog section for the reader


  • Page loading time is comparatively lower than other pages.
  • Low-quality user experience
  • It was clouded with huge information on each corner.
  • The total website is based on mixed language, which is frustrating for a non-Bengali.


The previous name of Bagdoom is & it was entered in this online marketplace in 2010. After rebranded this eCommerce site, the main focus point is the fashion industry. Collection of all trendy clothes & others for the young generation is their main target for a casual look or an expensive look, or the fancy look is the best place for you. They have collected all types of local brands to global brands based on contemporary trends.

Pros and Cons of Bagdoom

  • Easy replacement & refund policy
  • Cash on delivery
  • Easy payment method
  • The seller rating is 5 out of 5
  • Neat & organized product


  • The image is similar to the real product.
  • All kinds of products are not available here.


This is the storehouse of all authentic cosmetics products. This retail chain store was founded in 2007. Here you can easily find many world-class popular brand cosmetics & perfumes. So this is the ultimate destination of your skincare commodities within a reasonable price. They will provide you the best possible price of that genuine cosmetic brand.

Pros and Cons of BanglaShoppers

  • Genuine products
  • Quickly delivery with cash on delivery.
  • Discounts and offers are available.


  • No own delivery service
  • Hassle on the card payment method

To make this content impartial, we have to invest much time & research to have an excellent shopping experience. This content will broaden your knowledge to know the best affordable & trustworthy eCommerce site. Here we have included the top 10 best eCommerce site info with their pros & cons. So this will help you to consider the best eCommerce website in Bangladesh.

There are many eCommerce websites continuously adding their company info on the internet or online. But we didn’t take a random list from those sites. All of these listed eCommerce sites are running well by the features & the facilities given to the buyers. After all those calculations, we have included them in our content. Now select the one to have an excellent shopping experience with BD eCommerce site.

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